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Teknel Trading Est. was registered in 1993 as a manufacturing operation. In view of our motto"give the consumers what they want" meaning: provide useful products with good quality, and affordable prices, it started expanding its activities and diversifying its products in 2005. Due to our earlier professional and ethical reputation, our network grew faster than expected, and years on, it got bigger and bigger.

Our basic line of work in UPS commodities, made us a major consumer of sealed lead acid batteries, and it was evident that Teknel Trading Est. would promote our own batteries STALLION. Proudly, that was our first Lebanese rocket. Then we introduced the energy saving lamps VEGA LITE; a wide range of power ratings and shapes, and lately LED lamps initiated a new dimension in the promotion of green energy saving.

Being always close to our customers in times of need for technical support, and due to our reputation for being respectful to the warranty terms concerning our products; a variety of STALLION UPS products, from small line interactive for a single personal computer to highly advanced systems intended for large scale information networks, came through.

Last but not least, Teknel Power Solution devices have always been our swimming pool. Our state of the art custom made transformers, battery chargers, dc power supplies, automatic voltage regulators, elevator rescue systems, and control systems remain the core products of this establishment.

Our motto "give the consumers what they want"  is like a car. Much like a car could travel countless roads, business could grow indefinitely! However, this car needs gas to function. Similarly, prompt attitude, along with professional services are the basic tools for our journey.

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