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The STALLION Line Interactive UPS series is equipped with an automatic voltage regulator.
In case of power failure, It will automatically switch to battery mode and power the load via battery until battery gets low . And it will automatically restart and recharge its battery when the utility power returns even if it was shut down. Moreover, charging from utility power is accessible even if the UPS is turned OFF.


Automatic buck and boost AVR function, wide input voltage 145-280VAC.
Advanced automatic constant charging circuit, prolongs battery life. Battery low voltage protection.
Lead-Acid, maintenance free battery inside, provides strong power to users.
Fully digitized microprocessor controlled.
Cold start function (DC power on).
Lightning and surge protection. Short circuit and overload protection.


Electronic office equipments, PCs, Communication Equipments, TVs, Emergency Lighting, CCTV.

Power Range 10 KVA - 400 KVA

Type On Line - Sine Wave
Description 3 Phase / 3 Phase UPS Digital On Line Double Conversion with galvanic insulation, designed to supply high quality power on a permanent basis to three phase loads.
Input voltages : 3 phase 380V/400v/415v AC or 3 phase 190v/208v/220v AC
Output voltage: 3 phase 380V/400v/415v AC or 3 phase 190v/208v/220v AC
Built-in output isolation transformerE34
true double-conversion on line UPS
Distributed or centralised parallel up to 6 units per redundant (N+1) or powerparallel.
Perfect medium power protection with redundancy for mission critical load, server room, data center, and telecom applications
Temperature compensation and deep discharge protection to reduce overall battery ageing
Advanced RS232 communication, multiplatform, for all operating systems and network environments
Both Remote led mimic panel & graphic display
Generator compatible
Option SNMP and dry contact connection

Power Range 1KVA - 3KVA - 6KVA - 10KVA - 20KVA

Type On Line - Sine Wave ( Internal / External Batteries )
Power Factor: 0.8 PF
Sine-wave output: True sine-wave output with less than 3% THD.B54
Double Conversion Design: Zero transfer/ complete isolation of input AC.
UPS Monitoring Software: Powerful true RS232 communication via the enclosed software to manage and safely shutdown operating systems.
Network RJ45/11 protection: Complete powerful network and phone line surge protection.
AC Surge Suppressor: Powerful multi-stage surge components that exceed IEEE requirements.
SNMP Slot Option: Allows for remote monitoring and control via www.
Sleep Mode: Worry free battery management. The unit turns itself off after ten seconds to conserve battery power when no power needs are de
Battery level indicators: LED’s indicate battery levels.
Load Sensing: The incorporated LED load indicators allow IT professionals to manage backup time and balance power loads.
Low Battery indicators: The low battery level indicator will warn of eminent UPS shutdown two full minutes before unit shuts down.
Replace Battery indicators: A preventative measure that indicates when batteries must be replaced to prevent server crashes.


1200 VA
No break, on line, isolated with transformer - 24V(150-200AH) external batteries
2000 VA
No break, on line, isolated with transformer - 24V(150-200AH) external batteries
3000 VA
No break, on line, isolated with transformer - 48V(120-200AH) external batteries
4500 VA
No break, on line, isolated with transformer - 48V(150-200AH) external batteries


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